Derby Bus Station Location

Derby Bus Station Location

Derby Bus Station LocationThere is always a bustle of activity around the Derby Bus station location. If visitors aren’t visiting Jimmy’s World Grill restaurant, they may well be gambling their money away in a game at the Genting Casino. The Derby Bus station location also boasts many night clubs in the area catering for a wide variety of night life options – so you could say the station isn’t just necessarily about travel!

Want to experience cultural near the Bus Station?

If you enjoy a more cultural approach, there are also many museums in the area like the Royal Crown Derby Works Museum, Pickford’s House Museum, and the Industrial Museum. For sport fanatics, the Derbyshire Cricket Ground is not far from the Derby Bus station location either. The best thing is that all of these areas are directly on the bus routes, so access to these areas are easy and convenient. A few more local attractions that are a must see is the home of Derby Country Football Club which is at Pride Park Stadium, found on Pride Parkway. The ground contains a conference centre which is mostly used to hold business conventions, sports dinners and even weddings, and exhibitions.

Where is good to eat close to Derby Bus Station?

For your food requirements there are so many restaurants near the Derby Bus station location to pick and choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! You can find the Italian Restaurant La Dolce Vita, and Saddlergate’s Black Rock Grill Steakhouse, all in close vicinity to the Derby Bus station location. Besides that, there are many other areas where you could kick back and have fun like in the Derby Assembly Rooms, Westfield Shopping Centre and a numerous cinemas (including the brand new Showcase Cinema De Lux) across the city.

Is there any educational centres I could visit near the station?

Students would have no trouble using the bus station either, as Landau Forte College, Bemrose School and Derby University are all part of the Derby Bus Station routes. A few other attractions include the Derby Cathedral, The Derby Art Museum, which offer a different cultural approach.

What else is there located next to the bus station in the City Centre?

The Derby Bus station location literally sits at the heart of many UK businesses so you could find more than you need at any given time of the day. Even if you need to have your car worked on you would not have to go far, as there is a Speedy’s Wheel and Tyre nearby to the Derby Bus station location. There are many supermarkets to choose from around the Derby Bus station location, specifically Chung Wah is an interesting experience if you enjoy Chinese cuisine, but there are many more mainstream supermarket chains within walking distance of the Derby Bus station location. There are also a variety of medical facilities close by, like the Wellside Medical Centre and a host of other Pharmacies. But then what would you expect from an area so well centralized! Most of these areas, as mentioned are either within walking distance or along the many bus routes in and out of the Derby Bus Station, which is incredibly helpful. Even if you’re waiting to switch buses and jump on alternative public transport, or stopping to refuel and stretch your legs before carrying on with your bus trip, the iconic UK city of Derby will have something for you.

Here’s a very cool video showing you Derby traffic around the Bus Station and gives some hints as to the location:


To summarise, whether you are using the buses themselves or even have your own car looking for something to do, you will always find something to do when you’re close to the Derby Bus Station location in the picturesque county of Derbyshire, no matter what time of day or night. If not, you could always follow some onwards travel from the bus station at the flexible timetable that the routes have to offer.


P.S What is the address of Derby Bus Station?

If you’re looking for the Derby Bus Station post code and address – (at time of writing) you will find the station located at Morledge, Derby, DE1 2AW


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